Product Features
Soft ice cream machine

One hopper, single flavor

Personalized customization

Customized display board, nicer appearance, do the design as much as you like

Frequency conversions

Adopt the most advanced soft-starting technology, safer and more energy-saving

Ultrahigh production

Continuously discharging even during the peak time, no mare waiting from now on

Eliminate frozen cylinder

One touch cyclic heating function, solves frozen cylinder problem completely

Standby function

Keep the temperature of the hopper and cylinder remain 1-4.5℃ in the evening

Mixing in the hopper

Agitator in the hopper makes the temperature of the mixture equal and the effect of pre-cooling better


Cleaning every 14 days

Product Parameters
  • Model: S111
  • Type: Table top model
  • Production capacity: 50L/H
  • No. of hopper: 1
  • Hopper capacity: 25L*1
  • Cylinder capacity: 2.5L*1
  • Specification: 676*510*817mm
  • Carton size: 860*650*980mm
  • N.W.: 150Kg
  • G.W.: 160Kg
  • Power: 2.2KW
  • Beater type: SS304
  • Self-check
  • Hopper agitator
  • Mix-low alarm
Refrigeration System
  • No. of compressors: 1
  • Compressor capacity: 4827BTU/h*1
  • Compressor brand: EMBRACO/TECUMSEH
  • Gas of compressor: R404a
  • Refrigeration type: Air cool
Transmission System
  • No. of motor: 1
  • Voltage type: 220V/380V-50Hz/60Hz
  • Motor capacity: 950W*1