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CTT Go Marketing is the authorised distributor that represents Pasmo ice cream machines in Malaysia. We offer high quality Pasmo ice cream machines and provide repair services.

Besides, we sell an extensive selection of ice-cream utensils to better serve your needs. From colour-changing spoons to ice cream lamps and cups, CTT Go Marketing ensures complete customer satisfaction from start to finish.

We committed to providing quality and reliable Pasmo ice-cream machines, CTT embarks on a continuous journey of exploring the latest technology that will offer the best ice cream products, services and solutions there is.

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  • Help our client to reach their goals
  • To personalizing their event experiences
  • To providing an innovative environment and to making a difference
  • Provide solution to client

CTT Go Marketing is the official and sole supplier, and distributor for Pasmo machines across the country. As an ice cream machine supplier, we have emphasized delivering professional ice cream machines in Malaysia while ensuring top-notch services across the board. Going based on our vision, we are driven to ensure the clients are able to share something cool and sweet with their customers. This is the general direction we have headed in order to ensure that we are able to provide good service while in the long run, expand globally. Outside of the huge array of ice cream machines on display, which serves multiple purposes across the board, we are focusing on color-changing ice cream spoons which are sure to attract a new pool of customers! To fill you in, the color-changing ice cream spoon changes color when it comes into contact with anything cold, returning to the original color once the temperature has warmed down. This is just one of the few ways CTT Go Marketing is opting to differentiate our company from our competition!

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