Product Features
Soft ice cream machine

Two hoppers,2+1 twist flavor

Double systems, one-to-one control

Separate control system, one compressor controls one system

Continuous discharging ability

Keep discharging even during the peak time

Intelligent fault detection

Intellectual detection, multiple security

Safety and energy-saving

Adopt the most advanced soft-starting technology, safer and more energy-saving

Standby function

Keep the temperature of the hopper and cylinder remain 1-4.5℃ in the evening

Mixing in the hopper

Agitator in the hopper makes the temperature of the mixture equal and the effect of pre-cooling better

Product Parameters
  • Model: S230F
  • Type: Table top model
  • Production capacity: 30L/H
  • No. of hopper: 2
  • Hopper capacity: 9.5L*1
  • Cylinder capacity: 1.6L*1
  • Specification: 770*520*969mm
  • Carton size: 880*650*1100mm
  • N.W.: 168Kg
  • G.W.: 183Kg
  • Power: 3KW
  • Beater type: SS304
  • Self-check
  • Hopper agitator
  • Mix-low alarm
Refrigeration System
  • No. of compressors: 2
  • Compressor capacity: 3753BTU/h*2
  • Compressor brand: EMBRACO/TECUMSEH
  • Gas of compressor: R404a
  • Refrigeration type: Air cool
Transmission System
  • No. of motor: 1
  • Voltage type: 220V-50Hz/60Hz
  • Motor capacity: 550W*2


Ice Cream Turbo Machine

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